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Three Simple Weight Loss Tips

Three Simple Weight Loss Tips Posted on 23/09/2017

Three Simple Weight Loss Tips

Nowadays, in the era of modernization, human tend to have unhealthy lifestyle, such as sedentary lifestyle and eating a lot of junk foods. This unhealthy habit increase the prevalence of obesity. Obesity will increase the risk for metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular diseases. Thus, it is important to lose your weight if you are obese. There are a lot of ways to lose your weight. However, most of these alternatives need a strong determination and discipline to make it success. In this article, we will give a brief weight loss tips for you.

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There are three main steps you can do in this weight loss tips. Each step will be explained below:

  • Reduce starches and sugars consumption: this step is the most crucial part of losing weight. By restricting your carbs consumption, your body will lower the insulin secretion. The effect of low insulin secretion is the increasing use of fats in your body, thus reducing your fat storage and lose your weight.
  • Eat more vegetables, fat, and protein: make sure to include low-carb vegies, a fat source, and a protein source in every meal. By setting your meal this way, you are able to control your carbs consumption within 20 to 50 gram/day.
  • Light exercise 3 times/week: it is recommended to visit the gym and do some stretching, lift weights, and warm up. It will help you maintain your metabolism rate. You can also do some cardio workout if you are not comfortable with weightlifting.

Those are some of the weight loss tips you can practice to lose some weight. You have to remember that consistency is the key of weight loss program. You also need to be patient since it won’t immediately take an effect on your weight. However, this is a great way to start a healthy lifestyle and maintain you health.