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My Experience with Mayo Clinic Diet

My Experience with Mayo Clinic Diet Posted on 04/12/2017

Mayo Clinic Diet

I believe everyone has been in my position: I found my weight quite distasteful and wished to rid my body of all those excess fats. I have tried everything. I have even starved myself on purpose and hit the gym until every single strain of muscle on my body was blasted. But there was no change. My scale seemed to hate me and it kept showing the number that I dreaded my entire life. After finding that most diet pills advertised are all shams (or gave little to no results even after a year of ingesting), I stopped looking for solutions on the internet I completely shut myself out and refused everyone who suggested everything relating to weight loss.

Until a friend from work brought a book titled “Mayo Clinic Diet” to the office and I looked into it by accident. I’ve heard and read all about this diet plan but my past failures and unfulfilled dreams prevented me from so much as giving a single glimpse at it. I read the book for a minute or so and grew interested in the diet plan as a whole. Be that as it may, the interest didn’t overcome skepticism so I left the idea at the back of my head. Two weeks later, that friend of mine came to my desk at the office, claiming that she has lost so much just by following the diet plan.

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Naturally, my interest was piqued and my spirit reignited. So I went to a bookstore, got myself the same book, and read it from cover to cover at home. Essentially, the Mayo Clinic Diet is a weight loss method composed of two parts: the “Lose it!” phase and the “Live it!” phase. Phase one lasts for two weeks and involves forming healthier eating habits including more fruits and vegetables. There are limitations, though: no TV during meals, no sugar (save for what’s in fruits and vegetables), and no excess meat.

Phase two lasts for another two weeks (and beyond) and involves keeping up with the rules established in phase one but you are allowed to break them occasionally. I found that phase one is the most difficult as it involved banning myself from so many things that I have enjoyed for the rest of my life. It lasted for two weeks only, however, so I managed to get through it all. But as the diet plan itself also involves cooking up your own food, it somewhat became a struggle for me as I needed to juggle between work schedule and cooking.

With and Mayo Clinic Diet, I learn how to eat healthy and understand the sizes of the serving that is allowed for consumption. The Mayo Clinic Cookbook also helped me out a lot as the recipes on that book really guided me to find the best food that goes along very well with the plan. Eating out or ordering delivery is not suggested during the “Lose it!” phase. But I managed to pair it well with the guidelines so occasional eat-out was okay for me.